September 2023 - Jada Langford Fleming

September 2023 - Jada Langford Fleming
Posted on 09/15/2023
September 2023 - Jada Langford Fleming

Off to a Stellar Start!

Our teachers, administrators and staff have proven yet again why Lee County students are so lucky! We have seen some amazing trends to start the new school year.

I, for one, have seen how excited staff and students are to be back in classrooms and ready to embark on a new school year. We have had so many successes not just in the classroom, but also out on the fields and on the courts. With all of these great moments happening, comes a few challenges as well.

This year we have several inaugural policies in place:

  • Our proximity plan has served many families well. While we are aware of the transportation challenges, I am confident that these will be resolved by 1st Quarter end.
  • We have successfully implemented the Guardian Program. While we do not ever want to be in a situation where these volunteers must aide in school violence, we are grateful for their service.
  • The District has installed our Open Gate Security at many of our schools.

On another note, it is hard to believe that it has been one-year post Hurricane Ian. It is important to remember that even though we are continuing to rebuild and repair, we still have a long way to go. We are working hard as a District to be fiscally responsible regarding the repair of so many campuses. Currently, we have two schools who are in temporary campuses with the hope of one being back in their school this year and a new school for the other in 2025. I commend those working hard on these efforts to have students in a safe and thriving environment.

Lastly, I want to extend a thank you to all of our School Administrators, Educators, and staff for all they have done to prepare for this school year. Your time in and out of your classrooms is valuable and I appreciate all of your efforts in making this school year the best for our children and families. I am excited to see what this year will bring for all of you!

Jada Langford Fleming
School Board Member District 6

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