Crossing Guards

The City of Ft Myers Police Department, the City of Cape Coral Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff's Office provide Crossing Guards through Staffing Connections, an independent contractor. If you are interested in a crossing guard position please contact Staffing Connections at 1-866-353-7008.

Identification of Hazardous Walking Conditions

Florida Statute 1006.23 - Hazardous walking conditions.
Parents may request a review of any hazardous walking conditions within the 2 mile limit and who walk to school by calling (239) 337-8590.

Crosswalk Safety Tips - What You and Your Child Should Know

by the Florida Department of Transportation

Florida traffic laws lay out the rules of the road that enable pedestrians and drivers to share the road. Pedestrians - just like drivers; must obey traffic laws. Pedestrians should always use the proper search pattern and follow these safety steps when crossing the road even when using pedestrian signals:

  1. Stop at the curb or edge of the street. If vehicles parked on the street block your view of traffic, move forward to the edge of the line of parked vehicles where you can observe traffic in both directions. Be visible to drivers and recognize when to yield to motorists.
  2. Look left, right, then left again for approaching traffic.
  3. At an intersection corner, also check over your shoulder for turning vehicles.
  4. Determine whether there is a gap in traffic that is safe for both pedestrian and driver. Never assume that drivers see you or will stop for you.
  5. When there is a safe gap in traffic, walk directly across the street at a consistent pace. Avoid distracted walking by continuously looking out for motorists or other hazards. Drivers may not be attentive to driving or may not be accustomed to pedestrians sharing the road. Always watch for any quick turning movements or drivers disregarding Florida traffic laws.

Crosswalk Safety Tips - When a Guard is Present

by the Florida Department of Transportation

  • Listen to the crossing guards instructions;
  • Do not follow the guard into the street;
  • When instructed to cross, always look before stepping into the roadway to make sure it is still clear to cross;
  • Walk at a steady pace within the crosswalk;
  • Avoid distracting activities and instead watch out for traffic while in the roadway;
  • If arriving after another group of students has already started to cross or the pedestrian signal flashes the "Don't Walk" signal, be prepared to wait until the next crossing.