A Groundbreaking Weapons Detection System

Kids walking throuhg OPENGATEThe safety and security of your student is our top priority. To enhance the safety and security of our school campuses, we will start using the OPENGATE® weapons detection system. OPENGATE® is designed for the automatic screening of people with backpacks and bags for Threat Detection. It will also identify other contraband items that are not allowed on school property.

All students and all visitors will be subject to search as they enter a campus during regular school hours. If OPENGATE® detects any contraband items that are not allowed, a secondary search will be conducted. Contraband discovered during the secondary search will be confiscated and could lead to school discipline and/or legal consequences.

OPENGATE® screening is:

  • Fast and automatic
  • Requires no removal of backpacks, bags or purses
  • Designed for easy walk through flow

Students should prepare to pass through the OPENGATE® system by removing their Chromebooks from their backpacks. We recommend students come to school with plastic water bottles as metal containers may cause an OPENGATE® alert.

Visitors will need identification to enter a school. We recommend leaving unnecessary bags or purses in their car if they wish to avoid a secondary search when entering the school.

While using OPENGATE® may take a short time to get used to, we are confident it will not cause any significant delays and will add another layer of protection to our schools.

The District will be rolling out OPENGATE® in phases during the school year. As your child’s school implements the system, you will be notified directly by them of what to expect. All students and all visitors to campus during regular school hours will be subject to search. We ask for your support in preparing your child for this important safety upgrade.